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How to Protect Your Tires from Dry Rot

High-quality tires are essential for every type of driving from daily commuting to competitive racing. But regardless of how good your tires are initially, they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. In many cases, tires require replacement when the tread...

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How Tire Condition Affects Vehicle Performance

You keep your car's engine purring with regular maintenance and upgrades, but what's underneath your vehicle as a whole can be almost as important as what's under the hood. The right tires and wheels can dramatically enhance any vehicle's functionality, whether you...

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6 Simple Rules for Cleaning Your Alloy Wheels

You take pride in caring for your vehicle and that extends to your aluminum alloy wheels. Keeping your wheels in the best shape possible takes plenty of hard work, but the following tips can help make that work go a lot easier. Here are six simple rules to remember...

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Arizona’s Best Scenic Drives

Many non-locals think of Arizona as a dry desert, but they don’t realize that Arizona has its own beauties. Whether it’s a looming mountain top or a sweeping sunset, there is always something breathtaking to see on the Arizona landscape. If you want to hit the road...

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Choosing Tires for Your Off-Roading Adventure

If you’re preparing your car to go off-roading, the most important feature to update is your car’s tires. Regular all-season tires aren’t designed to handle the tough conditions you’ll face as you go off the grid. Here are the most important characteristics you should...

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Got a Flat Tire? How to Change It in 6 Steps

Getting a flat tire is inconvenient, frustrating, and troublesome. A simple flat can delay your plans and put you in an unpleasant situation on the side of the road. But when you get a flat and don’t want to invest in a tow service, the only choice is to change the...

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Time for New Tires? 3 Signs to Look For

Tires receive natural wear and tear over the course of their lives, meaning one day you will have to replace them. Otherwise, you run the risk of your tires going flat or losing control of your vehicle during a blowout. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety...

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Mustang GT vs. Nismo 350z

Extreme Wheels photoshoot featuring the all new Aodhan DS02 on a 2015 Mustang GT and a 2008 Nismo 350z Mustang GT - Aodhan DS02 in Vacuum Gold with Pirelli P Zero Tires.  Nissan 350z Nismo - Aodhan DS02 in Black Vacuum with Nitto NT555 Tires. "We woke up at 4am to get...

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VARRSTOEN V48 LUG NUTS | SILVER CHROME Varrstoen just launched a new color to their line up of lug nuts in Chrome Silver. The VarrsToen V48 lug nuts in the chrome silver finish is perfect for those that are looking for a lug nut that resembles the factory finish of...

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All New DS02 Wheels from Aodhan

Aodhan Wheels just released the DS02 to continue their DS Series. Available in 3 colors   Gold Vacuum 19x9.5 +15, +22 5x114.3 19x11 +15, +22 5x114.3 19x9.5 +25 5x120 19x11 +25 5x120 Click HERE FOR PRICING! Vacuum Chrome 19x9.5 +15, +22 5x114.3 19x11 +15, +22...

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Three of the Most Hardcore Off-Road Races

Some off-road races are true tests of endurance, taking weeks to complete. Other events challenge drivers with impossible hill climbs and icy switch-backs. Despite these deadly conditions, we can’t seem to get enough. Check out this list of three of the most iconic...

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Does Wheel Width Really Matter

Wheels seem to come in all sorts of sizes. Some cars have noticeably wider rims than others, sacrificing tire rubber in favor of chrome. Wider rims often look more appealing, giving a car a sportier appearance and expressing the individual preferences of the driver....

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Steel Wheels vs. Aluminum Alloy Wheels: The Faceoff

You take great care of your vehicle, so naturally, you want to fit it with the best wheels possible. As a car enthusiast, one of the first questions that may come to your mind is whether to choose steel wheels or aluminum alloy wheels. You probably know that these are...

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